Yoga Therapy Workshop Part I Neck & Shoulder Pain

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Yoga Therapy Workshop Part I
Neck & Shoulder Pain

Yoga Park, Shipmeadow, NR34 8HJ

Would you like to enjoy greater health, well-being and ease in your shoulders and neck?

Most of us will experience neck and/or shoulder pain at some point during our lives. Whether it’s related to cumulative stress, a physical condition, an injury or even RSI (repetitive strain injury), perhaps from working on computers, yoga therapy can help provide relief.

In this workshop we’ll explore principles and practices of yoga therapy specifically related to the neck and shoulders, covering the following:

• The origins of neck and shoulder pain
• The anatomy of neck, back and shoulder pain
• The physical mental, emotional and spiritual facets of pain
• Yoga therapy strategies for working with neck and shoulder related conditions.
• How to establish healthy movement and practice habits
• Yoga stretch for relieving tension in the neck, upper back and shoulder area.

We’ll finish the day with a yoga practice designed to mobilise your neck, which includes progressive relaxation, therapeutic postures and a guided healing relaxation.

This workshop is not intended to be medical advice, if you have back pain or spinal conditions please check with your healthcare professional before committing to the workshop.

Cost: £60.00 – A light lunch and refreshments included
Bookings essential