MBSR 4 Week Course

Mindfulness For Anxiety & Stress Course

If you want to explore mindfulness and how it might be applied to your life but find it difficult to commit to the traditional 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course, then this option might be more appropriate for you.

This mindfulness course is based on MBSR, but the syllabus adapted to run over 4 sessions x 4 hours each, with two weeks in between sessions.

Each session will cover two of the eight classes. As in a regular MBSR course, you will learn different forms of mindfulness practices, including sitting meditation, body awareness and gentle mindful movement.

Who is the course for?

All of us! All human beings sometimes experience being overwhelmed by events, being afraid and being depressed and look for something that will really help. Research shows that mindfulness can assist participants in managing stress, low moods, depression, anxiety, illness and pain management.

The course is designed for beginners, although it’s also open to those with some meditation experience. People participate for various reasons, but they share one thing in common – the desire to find more balance, peace and happiness in their lives.

And YES it's for you, if you would like to...

  • Learn the practice of mindfulness meditation in an in-depth, highly practical manner
  • Learn gentle yoga movements
  • Learn a range of skills and techniques that will help you cope better and manage stress, pain and anxiety.
  • Explore your patterns of thinking, feeling and action.
  • Better regulate and understand your emotions
  • Restore within yourself a balanced sense of health and well-being
  • Improve or regain control of your mental and physical health and attain peace of mind.
  • Participate in improving your own health and well-being as a complement to any medical/psychological treatment you may have had or be receiving.

By learning to actively participate in the management of our health and well-being many participants report they are better able to manage stress, fear, anger, pain and anxiety both at home and in the workplace.

What is the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course (MBSR?)

The MBSR course was developed by Jon Kabat Zinn in 1979 at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre and was originally designed for people experiencing chronic pain. Today it is offered worldwide and has gained prominence in the world medical community as an effective and systematic approach to the growing problem of stress and anxiety in a broad range of areas in life – work, parenting, relationships, health or those wishing to simply experience more well-being and richness in life.


Each group has a maximum of 12 participants, who meet every two weeks for 4 hour sessions and a retreat day, which is optional. Each session focusses on a different theme and together we cultivate compassionate ways of being with our thoughts, emotions/feelings and our body, becoming more aware of ourselves so that we can respond rather than react to life.


Sessions are experimental and involve a mixture of:

  • carefully guided mindfulness meditation – lying down, sitting and walking
  • gentle stretching and mindful yoga movement
  • brief lectures and discussion – exploring patterns of thinking, feeling and action, and how to transform them
  • understanding the stress response cycle and learning to be less reactive
  • individual feedback and support
  • scientific rationale for the practice
  • your commitment to daily homework practice using MP3 recordings and a course book to help bring mindfulness into everyday life

The course requires a commitment to daily practice (approximately 20-40 minutes) for optimal benefits. You will receive a workbook to support your practice, and several guided MP3 recordings during the course and to support ongoing home use.


Over 35 years of research has shown that the majority of those who complete the course report:

  • An enhanced ability to cope with short and long term stressful situations
  • Reduced levels of anxiety
  • Lower pain levels and an increased ability to cope with pain
  • A greater ability to relax
  • Increased sense of well-being and balance
  • Stronger immune system
  • Increased levels of attention and concentration
  • Improved relationships

Mindfulness practices are said to benefit individuals dealing with the following health conditions or problems:


Stress Management

High blood pressure


Chronic fatigue

Sleep problems

Chronic pain relief



Experience mindfulness
For yourself
Right now
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