What type of Yoga do I teach

What type of yoga do I teach - Hatha Yoga

What most people refer to as simply “Yoga” is probably Hatha Yoga – this is what I teach. It’s a slower moving practise that focuses on body-alignment with attention to the breath. Alignment-based Yoga keeps you safe in poses while you open and strengthen your body, rejuvenate the spine, soothe your nervous system and focus your mind.


You may have heard that Yoga will help your body feel better, this is true, but it’s also just the beginning. It’s a whole body philosophy involving working with breathing techniques, stretching movements, postures and relaxation/meditation. These practices create harmony between mind, body and spirit; you’ll leave classes relaxed with a clear, calm mind.


I design my classes to help you


  • Stretch and strengthen your muscles and joints positively affecting your circulation, digestion and breathing.
  • Adopt postures which, combined with breathing improve your oxygen and blood supply, again helping circulation and breathing to promote general good health.
  • Calm and strengthen the nervous system, having a positive effect on your mind, helping you to feel more energised.
  • Cultivate peace-of-mind, again affecting the nervous system, as well as the immune system and the cardiovascular system to help you leave class feeling more at ease in your body, less stressed and happier and with a more positive outlook on life.
  • In short, my classes are designed for you to – Enter tired – leave inspired!

I try to make my classes warm and welcoming with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. I’m there to inspire you, not to force or push you to go beyond your limits. We are each unique with different strengths and imbalances in flexibility. It’s about listening to your body and getting to know it, not about achieving picture-perfect poses.