yoga retreats

Mindfulness & Mindful Yoga Day Retreat

Saturday 27th July, 10.00am – 4.00pm

Cost : £50.00 - Includes light lunch & snacks

The Warden's Trust
(Warden Hall, Sizewell, Leiston, IP16 4UB)

The Warden's Trust is situated on the cliffs overlooking the sea at Leiston, surrounded by natural beauty and peace, with direct access to the beach.  This Mindfulness Day Retreat is suitable for anybody interested in learning mindfulness as well as people with an existing mindfulness practice.

It's a chance to switch off your phone and give yourself a good dose of essential self-care, perhaps meet other people interested in mindfulness and boost your practice in a supportive group environment.

It'll be a spacious day with time for quiet reflection - a day for you to just be.
You'll be guided through meditations, mindful yoga and a mindful walk, enjoying a day of peace, calm and rest.

Although the day itself is not a course - the overall intention for the day is to provide an opportunity to understand our minds a little better though our acceptance and non-judgmental awareness in the practice.

During the day there will be opportunities to ask any questions about your practice and how to use mindfulness in your daily life - at home and work.
For many this is a wonderful way to spend a few hours and an opportunity to step-out of our day-to-day busy doing mode of mind and move into our being mode and re-charge.

This was such a wonderful day last year (although the weather did help) , so book early.

Mindfulness Silent Day Retreat

Sunday 3rd November, 10.00am – 4.00pm
Yoga Park, Shipmeadow
Cost £50 - Bookings Essential

bamboo and stones

Although those who attend a Mindfulness (MBSR) course experience great benefits, almost everybody finds that at times they struggle to keep-up a regular practice. This is why a refresher session helps rejuvenate practice, as well as the upsurge of well-being that comes with it. You will be guided through meditation sessions, most of the day will be in silence, but there will be time for group discussions at the end of our practice.

This session is open to both those who have completed an 8 week MBSR/MBCT course, or those with an established meditation practice (not recommended for beginners).

A light lunch and refreshments included.