Yoga for Cancer

Yoga for those living with cancer and beyond cancer

I have a strong belief in the healing power of Yoga. Yoga offers a whole ‘tool box’ of practices to strengthen the immune system and boost our inner healing forces, which is especially beneficial when confronting and living with a life challenging and life changing illness.

In 2014 I completed a diploma course with Julie Friedeberger, yoga teacher trainer and author of A Healing Wound: A Healing journey through Breast Cancer and The Healing Power of Yoga. I have also taught cancer patients and survivors at the Louise Hamilton Centre, James Paget Hospital, Lowestoft.


How can Yoga help people with cancer
The practices I teach are suitable and safe for most people, regardless of age or physical condition. Some of the movements may appear ‘simple’ but they are suitable for people new to yoga and are of unique value in the healing process.

* Simple yoga breathing, movement, relaxation and meditation techniques will help to deal with the powerful emotions that can come with the diagnosis of a life-changing illness.

* Gentle poses and physical postures increase energy levels, stimulate muscles, increase blood flow, balance glands and enhance the lymphatic flow in the body, all of which enhance the body’s internal purification processes.

* Relaxation calms and balances the nervous system, and eases the anxiety and stress which depress immune functioning and hamper healing.

* Meditation develops the detachment and clarity that helps us acknowledge and accept the realities of cancer, and to manage our fears and worries.


Who should attend the class
Classes are suitable for those affected by any type of cancer at any stage of treatment or recovery, you may want to bring along a family member, friend or carer who can also join the class.

If it’s more comfortable or appropriate for you, personal sessions can be arranged, either at my Studio or in your own home.


Want to know more about the class?
Please give me a call to chat about the class and to find out if it’s right for you. It’s also a good idea to have a chat with your doctor or cancer nurse to confirm that Yoga will be beneficial to you.


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