Mindfulness – Frequently asked questions

Mindfulness: Frequently asked questions

Who is the course for?
The course is designed for beginners, although it’s also open to those with some meditation experience. People participate for various reasons, but they share one thing in common – the desire to find more balance, peace, and happiness in their lives.

By learning to actively participate in the management of our health and well-being many participants report they are better able to manage stress, fear, anger, pain, and anxiety both at home and in the workplace.

What if I’ve never done yoga before or I have a physical condition?
The yoga is very gentle stretching movements working within our own limitations – mostly connecting with our breath and how our body feels.

What sort of people attend the course?
People from all walks of life attend, wanting to learn new ways to work with the difficulties or challenges in their lives. Many people are recommended by a therapist of health professional.

How many people are on the course?
Courses are limited to 12 people

What is the Half Day Retreat?
The Half-Day Retreat is usually held between weeks 6 and 7. This is a valuable opportunity to consolidate the practices we have been working with over the previous weeks in a morning of guided meditation.

What does the course cost?
The 8 week MBSR course costs £250.00; this includes 24 hours of instruction; Participants Handbook and MP3 audio guided meditations.

How do I register for the course?
Please contact Jenny Mercer on 07791 745331 or email info@jennymercer.co.uk to request a registration form.