Yoga Summer Retreat The Healing Power of Nature

Lily flower

Yoga Summer Retreat – The Healing Power Of Nature 

Yoga Park, Shipmeadow, NR34 8HJ

Thousands of years ago, beneath  the full moon on hot summer nights in India, Ayuredic healers collected dewdrops from blue and white lotuses and stored them for medicinal purposes.

Wouldn’t you like to give yourself the gift of a recharge – restore and renew!

According to the principals of Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga and one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems), when the mind, body and spirit are in harmony with nature and the world around us, we have good health and well-being.

Nature soothes and heals the nervous system – even something as simple as getting outside and connecting with it. Weather permitting we will move our practice outside into the beautiful Suffolk countryside experiencing Yoga Park’s magical environment and wellness centre.

Everything found in nature is also found within, so our practice will also focus on moving inwards to connect with our True Nature, connecting with the stillness within.

Sometimes the demands of daily living restrict our access to the ever-present natural world, a source of renewal, but we don’t have to travel far or sacrifice much time to allow nature to bring a little more light into our day. So this will be a time of restoration and relaxation – a ‘get away for it all day’ – ‘a be kind to yourself day’.

Cost : £60.00 – A light lunch and refreshments included
Bookings essential