Summer Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat

Summer Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat

Saturday 22 July 10.00 - 2.30

Beccles Station Community Rooms

For the Summer Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat this year I’ve decided to change the format a little – with an eye on costs, I’ve kept it simple and local. We’ll meet for the retreat in the Station Café for coffee & cake, giving us an opportunity to meet-up with old friends and mix with like minded people. As always, the emphasis of the retreat is about setting aside time to reconnect with ourselves and exploring practices that help relax and calm the mind & body.


It’ll be a time to switch off your phone and give yourself a good dose of essential self-care and relaxation, but at the same time experiencing simple, easy practices in a down-to-earth environment. So don’t worry if you’ve never been on a retreat before, or you’re nervous about you’re level of yoga or meditation as you’ll be guided through practices in a friendly, compassionate way.



What you’ll practice:



    • Gentle therapeutic yoga stretches/poses, which if necessary can be performed on a chair
    • Guided breathing practice – we can’t hope to bring our stress under control or release tensions without first bringing our breath under control as the breath and stress are intimately linked.
    • Guided mindfulness practice – an opportunity to experience how mindfulness can help calm the breath and heal the mind and body.
    • Yoga Nidra – A deep, healing relaxation, relaxing the body/mind and allowing our nervous system to do its job of maintaining balance – rest & digest.

Who is this retreat suitable for?:



  • Whether you’re an experienced meditator, or just beginning, discover the benefits of simple yoga and mindfulness practices with an experienced guide.
  • Come by yourself, as a beginner, or with a friend. There are chairs for those who find it difficult to sit on the floor for longer periods.

Benefits of this mini retreat:



  • Participants will leave the retreat feeling relaxed and nourished.
  • For many, this is a wonderful way to spend a few hours and an opportunity to step-out of our busy day-to-day Doing mode of mind and move into our Being mode (rest and digest) and recharge. A day to just BE.
  • Although the day itself is not a course – the intention for the day is to provide an opportunity to understand our minds a little better through our acceptance and non-judgmental awareness in the practices.
  • Even if you have been practicing yoga and/or meditation for years, this retreat will deepen your appreciation for the benefits they bring.
  • It can be beneficial/helpful for those suffering from chronic fatigue, burnout, long covid, cancer, anxiety/stress, or those who may be in recovery from illness.

Location: Beccles Station Community Rooms



  • Simply bring your yoga mat, I will provide blocks.
  • And any other props that will allow you to stay comfortable during the retreat, perhaps a blanket as body temperature lowers during period of stillness. During the day there will be an opportunity to ask questions about how mindfulness can help with anxiety, stress, insomnia or illness both at home, work or in our relationships.

Cost £40.00 – includes coffee/tea & cake

Summer retreat